What’s A Reasonable Price For A Mini Asphalt Mixing Plant

Let me start by saying that when purchasing a mini mobile asphalt mixing plant, the prices can vary widely. For example, on a site listing them for sale, I see one that fits this description, and its price is between $40k and $50k, depending on the specs after you contact the supplier. Yet on the same page, and right underneath that listing as a matter of fact, I see a mini asphalt batching plant for sale that would run you from $60k on up to $110k.

Difference of price range

That is a big difference, and you can see that for each listing, you have to contact the supplier for an exact quote. It’s good that you are given a price range for each model, but you still don’t know exactly what you’re going to pay until you talk to the manufacturer or supplier.

DHB40 asphalt drum plant
I see another listing for a plant from China that would cost you between $60 and $80k. I noticed that China was included in the product description headline, and it is worth noting because I have seen that a lot of the popular plant equipment comes from that country. In fact, the plant that ranges from $60k to $110k is also from China I see now.

What if I told you that I also see a listing for a plant that ranges from $8.5k to $14.8k? That plant is also from China, and that’s a great price: https://aimixgroup.pk/mini-asphalt-plant/. Granted, you are going to have to pay close attention to the specs so that you end up buying the hot asphalt mixing plant that features the right capacity and fits your operations.

Make a comparison with other types of asphalt plants

DHB60 continuous type drum mix plant
There are plenty of other listings for plants. I see one that is priced between $15k and $16.9k. That’s a smaller range and another great price point. Were you thinking that you were going to find asphalt batching plants for that price? Maybe you’re thinking it’s too good to be true, and it might be if you need one of the other plants that is priced higher.

You already know that they can at least go up to $110k. So you’re really going to have to pay attention to detail, opting to get the plant that you need. There is a big difference between paying less than $10k for a plant and paying $100k. This is an important investment you’re making for your business, and you want to be sure that you’re buying the right equipment. That said, you’ve got some great listings to browse, and you can contact as many suppliers as you need to in order to secure the right deal. You can find more types and specifications at this AIMIX GROUP.

If you buy a plant from another country, you’re going to have to ask about shipping costs. You want to be sure that you get your hands on the right equipment at the right price. That hot asphalt batching plant is going to be put to work. It’s going to make the asphalt mixes you need on the daily. And it would be nice if you could make due with one of the cheaper models, right?

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